tSPP: "Present" is coming this Fall to Cincinnati and Louisville, KY

The Simple Portrait Project (TSPP) is a family portrait experience like no other. 
TSPP is the embodiment of creativity, simplicity, improvisation and beauty—set to jazz and fueled by coffee, bourbon, and juice boxes (for the kids). The idea is built on one simple principle: creativity cannot exist without limitations, and true creativity happens when you reach multiple solutions to a given challenge within a set of boundaries. The boundaries for TSPP are one light, one prop, no descriptive backdrop and 30 minute sessions. The challenge is 500 families photographed in 200 different ways. It is an act of trust, collaboration and vulnerability. This year's theme is "Present"- because we believe in families. Because these are the relationships worth fighting for and worth being with. And because it's better to be present than to be perfect.  So bring yourself, bring your best, and prepare to let go, relax, let the kids be kids, and together we will bring what’s inside to the surface.
TSPP is more than a stunning picture. It's a process. It's an experience. 

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