Welcome to your session. 
Once you find your way inside, someone will greet you. Relax and grab a water, coffee, beer...or if you need something stiffer we can accommodate that, too. Hopefully, you arrived about 15 minutes early to get warm and ready. Check the mirrors if you need to adjust hair and make-up. Another portrait group will probably be mid-session or wrapping up, so you'll get a preview of what to expect. 
Once your session begins, we just toss everyone on the staging area and see what happens. I love feedback, especially if something isn't working for you. We're working together, so let's make the most of it. I will shoot about 60-80 frames. Then I'll give you a few minutes to relax again, get a beer to offset your coffee (or vice versa) while I will quickly run through the images and gather about 20 selections. Together, we will narrow these selections down until we get about six. You'll finish up with the person who welcomed you by finalizing the number of files that you want to take home. The price is on a per hi-res file/jpeg basis so it may be helpful to come with a plan. If you know you only want 3 images, let us know before the session starts.
1. Bring another shirt or two! And have the whole family stand in front of the mirror. We want to make sure everyone looks like they belong (vs. one "black shirt" of the family).  
3. Know what you want to spend. 
4. Consider nap times and bed times before you schedule.